When it comes to your preferred tastes in your food such as your pizza pie, adding some several of your favorite additional toppings would definitely be your choice as well as upsizing your favorite beverage or cup of coffee, but when it comes to picking out a dog, bigger doesn't always mean better. The demands of each dog breed varies according to their heritage. Due to their programmed genes, dogs from the hunting or sporting breed have that craving to be running out in the open and experience outdoor exercises or training. If you are looking for dogs to be “lap dogs,” some types of dogs such as toy and miniature dogs can actually fit the bill, loving the laid-back lifestyle without needing much time or space to run and play out-of-doors.

Different Dog Breeds Require Different Exercise

It is important that the size of your dog fits the size of your living area. A German Shepherd is a wonderful watchdog for an apartment, but, a dog that size also needs some time and space to run and play and to be active on a daily basis. Its owner must be able to find time to bring him to the local park or to any other open spaces where he is free to exercise. You really need to think this through because if you're too lazy or tired to give this beautiful dog the training and exercise it needs, then, buying a dog like a German Shepherd for a guard dog is a very wrong move. You would be better off buying an alarm system. A toy dog like a Poodle or Chihuahua is a better choice for lazy or tired people because they are content in your apartment and requires less outdoor time.

If you live in a building that has a secured balcony with a solid, high railing, for a small dog, that will be enough for him to experience being outside. Just make sure you take your dog for a walk on a daily basis. Don't let the dog's disposition or visual aspect fool you.

If you want a quiet as well as a gentle dog, then a Greyhound would be an excellent choice for apartment or townhouse living. Even so, it doesn't mean that exercise on a daily basis is not needed. That gentle greyhound must have daily training and exercise in a sufficient area where it can run and play. Greyhounds can get up to speeds of 45 mph, so if you don't see to it that you can provide them enough time and space where they can freely run around, then don't be shocked if your living room is turned into their personal race track. Neither you nor your dog will be pleased with the end result.

Not All Cute Small Puppies Stay Small And Cuddly

If you want to know each and every detail relating to your new dog’s care, then you would do well to consider what its size will be when it is full grown. That cute, furry little puppy that you fell in love with at the breeders which barely finished a small bowl of puppy chow when you took him home, just may grow up to be a 160 pound St Bernard that could consume 8-10 scoops of high quality dog food that could leave your wallet very thin. A huge dog like a St Bernard or Newfoundland can push around pieces of furniture like toothpicks. If you happen to be in a rush and you mistakenly leave your untrained dog with nothing much for it to do, then don't be shocked when you come home to a fully-deconstructed living room since your large dog is more likely to do that out of boredom.

On the other hand, people who own miniature and toy breeds like to buy knitted sweaters, little designer dog costumes, and clever dog toys which can require extra storage space. Giving them fancy things like canopied or French provincial fashionable dog beds is another thing which most miniature and toy dog owners love to do. Just make sure you have enough space.

How Many Dogs Do You Want To Have Living With You?

If you plan on getting more than one dog, irrespective of the breed or breeds, you will need to provide a separate sleeping space for each dog. Most dogs do not like being crowded together in just one place. They need sufficient space just like people do. Dogs need there own personal territory for relaxing, sleeping and hiding their bones and toys.

Before Choosing A Dog Breed - Consider Its Spacial Needs

If you plan on leaving your dog outside then it is imperative that their dog house has enough protection from any type of severe weather. It is also important your breed of dog can handle outdoor life. A Mexican Hairless wouldn’t be a good candidate for living outside during a Maine winter. It is also imperative that your dog, especially dogs that live outside have proper Heartworm prevention. Sharing your bedroom with a stranger is certainly not something that you would want to do, so don’t expect your dog to share his doghouse with a new dog? Make sure you consider the care and spatial needs of each dog if you plan on bringing a 2nd or third dog into your family. Check out Training Your Small Dog
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How To Choose The Perfect Dog Breed For You
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